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Wedding Lighting | TOP 3 things you should consider

When planning an event, specially a wedding there is one element that sometimes overlooked, although can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of the occasion – the lighting.



Lighting is is one of the best and easiest ways to set the mood at your reception, it tells your guests where to set their attention and it can create an incredible impact, transforming the entire space into a whole new world. Thus lighting is never to be underestimated.

Bistro Lights. lanterns & uplighting | Marco Beach Resort

Here at DiBOX events we propose specially designed lighting scenes for your occasion. If you're looking to create a real visual wow-factor please make sure you contact our team for quick consultation.


Here are the most important things you might wanna consider before deciding on your lighting options:

1. Lighting for a private party or wedding must be considered with respect to the time of day.

Let's say you're having an early ceremony followed by a cocktail hour prior sunset. In this case most likely you won't need any lighting as any daylight washes out the effect of the artificially created ambiance. Respectively - spending on lighting will be a waste.

We recommend you checking on the sunset time, coordinating your timeline and hiring lighting based on that.


2. The specifics of the venue might be a great factor.

Some venues and locations offer permanently installed ambient lighting fixtures, which makes any additionally setup lights optional, since other places where there is no light whatsoever (mostly outdoor spaces), which make the lighting element a must.

  • In the first case you may want to have just a little uplighting or pinspots in order to add highlights and personal character, complementing the existing lighting. Also: make sure the venue lighting is dimmable (you don't want to have your dancefloor going in complete brightness, trust me)

Uplighting under the tables & Pinspot | Marco Beach Resort

For outdoor receptions we recommend installing hanging fairy lights (also called Cafe / Bistro / String lights). Those are extremely elegant and in combination with candles they look fantastic (also: make sure the company providing those uses LED Dimmable bulbs - remember: we need ambiance, noting too bright)